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Dancehall Fans Blast Tommy Lee Sparta Over ‘Distasteful’ Comment

Tommy Lee Sparta came under fire from Dancehall fans recently after he posted a ‘distasteful’ comment.

The Montego Bay-based on Daddy Duties celebrating one of his kid’s birthday however his caption raised a few eyebrows.

“Up inna gal belly me a sen juice Pitney Full up me yard plus some a gah school happy birthday ????? timoy love you,” Sparta wrote.

Dancehall fans quickly chimed in saying the caption wasn’t unstable for the occasion. “What he wrote makes no sense. I don’t care about fame, but me nah mek no illiterate man breed me,” one comment read.

“I feel bad for these kids moms. What a nasty caption,” they added. “Such a classless caption for a kid’s birthday.”

However Tommy Lee Sparta fans were quick to defend him, “Nothing no wrong with the caption some people just over sensitive,” one wrote. “If yall a worry about him saying gal yall need to travel.”

“He’s taking good care of them so what’s the problem , unu illiterate bad,” they continued.

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