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Old Harbour woman missing since last week

The family of 22-year-old Shamile ‘Zunga’ Campbell say they have not rested well for the past week as their daughter has not been seen or heard from.

Campbell’s mother, Stacey-Ann Elliston, told THE WEEKEND STAR that she was last seen on October 17 at about 9 a.m, after she left the home for an undisclosed location.

Campbell, who is a resident of Old Harbour, was last seen wearing a brown and black dress, a pair of slippers and her hair is dyed green.

“Zunga would not leave her daughter and just go away like that because she and that little girl is close like how we and Jesus close. If she going to the toilet, she take her daughter with her. She is a good mother and she would never just lef her pickney suh. She is a bit secretive suh she never tell anyone where she was going,” her mother said.

Elliston said hours after her daughter left home, they received a call from her phone from a male who claimed that he had found the mobile and was going to hand it over to the Denham Town Police Station.

‘Gut feeling’

“A man had called said to tell Shamile to pick up her phone at the station because him find it Downtown. When my other daughter asked him to leave a name he hung up the phone.” Elliston said her gut feeling is that it is someone close to Campbell that is holding her hostage. She added that the male who claimed he had found the phone may be withholding valuable information regarding her daughter’s whereabouts.

“I know it wasn’t a stranger who found my daughter’s phone because Shamile has a lock on her phone and it would be impossible for that man to just pull her phone. Him even did know Shamile name and even know the name of her sister. How the hell he would know that she name Shamile and know the name of her sister too? We don’t even know the password to open her phone so how him fi just can open it?” she said.

She stated that they have not heard back from the mysterious male and that he did not leave Campbell’s cellular phone at the police station as he had promised.

“I am not a fool and I know it is not a stranger that kidnapped my daughter. I am asking the person/s who has her to send her home . I love God and I am hoping that God will send her back to me, but if not, the person just need to talk where they leave her body so we can get her to bury,” she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of Shamile Campbell are being asked to contact the Old Harbour Police Station at 876 983 2255 or 119.

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